Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm on day 5 of the South Beach diet. I can't believe I'm doing this and actually FOLLOWING THROUGH! I feel soooo much better already.

It is a tough diet though. For 2 weeks there's no enjoying fruit, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice...of any kind. Only veggies, lean meats, nuts, beans, eggs.

It's tough, but doable. The first 3 days were the hardest because it's a total overhaul on the way I was eating.

5 days in though, I actually have energy to make it through my whole day without crashing around 2-3:00 like I used to. It's a great feeling. Those crashes used to put me down whereas I had no energy or inspiration to even crawl through the rest of my day. No wonder I was procrastinating so badly!

With my newfound energy, I am tackling my messy hall cabinet, getting my pictures organized (slowly but surely), and I've even got back into practicing my guitar.

After the 2 weeks are up I will add back in the fruit, (only those with low glycemic indexes), and whole grains. No more white potatoes, white rice, etc...those starchy foods that turn to sugar so fast they have no time to do anything other than go to your gut, hips and thighs.

I will keep my updates here on how I'm doing. (They say belly fat is the first to go, so we shall see!)

Interested in getting some more information on the Southbeach plan?

Check the site out here:
Gives an explanation of the plan and what it entails. Check out message boards for loads of recipes, great ideas for eating healthier, and tons of other goodies.

Here's to feeling better!


Amanda C said...

Hi! I found your blog link on Free-Stuff-Finder. I am planning on starting the SBD also. Good luck in your dieting and keep us posted!

Trish said...

Thanks Amanda!

I am still doing South Beach and going strong! I made it through Phase 1 and am currently in Phase 2... not sure how much I've lost weight-wise, but I know I've gone down a couple sizes and I'm getting comments that I look thinner. I feel great too! Hope it's going well for you as well.